Press Here Projects

Press Here Projects is a collaborative studio platform run by Susan Goethel Campbell, used to launch projects and publications that reach beyond typical studio/gallery practice.

Cloudspotting Detroit

Cloudspotting Detroit, 2010, is a tourist brochure and map highlighting unique sites in the City of Detroit. Funded by Art X Detroit, the brochure has a key to identify man-made clouds and Detroit weather. In the summer, Wheelhouse Detroit sponsors a Cloudspotting bike tour highlighted in the brochure.

Dirty Pictures: Portraits of Air

Dirty Pictures: Portraits of Air is an ongoing, unscientific project that focuses on the movement and quality of air around the world. Using funds from a Kresge Artist Fellowship, the project began in 2009 with the disbursement of twenty-four 8 x 10" air filters to people in seven countries, including 14 locations within the U.S. Each participant in the project was asked to place the filter in a location of their choosing so it could pick up particulates in the atmosphere. The project documenting the filters and their placements was published in vol. 1 of the zine "Dirty Pictures: Portraits of Air" in November 2010.